Monday, March 28, 2011

Starry Eyed Over Spring

I want to do with you, what spring does to the cherry trees
Pablo Neruda

Spring is here!  You can just feel it in the air, as the world slowly defrosts, trees start blooming, and our front lawn is filled with robbins instead of snow banks.  Spring is always a time I've liked to experiment with my beauty routine (during the months of winter I keep things simple, and my philosophy is less is more.)  Here are some trends I either use or am very excited to try.

Eye-Lights-  Although I don't think I'll ever stop wearing eyeliner completely, I love this bare yet sparkly trend.  Touches of gold on the inside corners of lids make eyes pop in an unexpected, fresh way.  I use Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips ($8.99)  and  a coating of dark brown mascara for a fun twist on the bare faced look.

The Voluminous Half Up Hair-  In high school I loved wearing my hair half up - I recently tried the look again, and felt I looked like I was stuck in 2001.  Figured out how to modernize it thought - messy and voluminous ala Brigitte Bardot.  Such a sexy look, and so simple.

Barrette On the Side -  I haven't worn a barrette since I was in grade school - but that's going to have to change.  A few strands swept to the side look surprisingly chic when paired with a blinged out barrette.  So fun and unique, I'm in love.

Nude Nails -  I've always been a fan of light colored nails but for some reason never go for nude.  This spring, I'm on the hunt for the perfect nude polish.  I'm also loving how most celebs are ditching the square shaped nails and going for more rounded looks - it really enlongates fingers.

Pretty Pouts - I have only recently started to wear lipsticks and what a difference that added pop of color makes!  I've been wearing bright pinks and orangey reds and they are just perfect for spring.  The shockingly bright colors also make skin look a little tanner.



  1. Love eye-lights & definitely vote for the nude look for nails!

  2. love the volume-nized hair looks!