Friday, March 11, 2011

Poetry in Motion

Fashion is like story-telling.   It originates from different places and tells different tales, but at the end of the day it's delivering a message.   So how does it come to be? Well, for Mr. Karl Lagerfeld it comes from a poem entitled Colloque Sentimental by Paul Verlaine, and translated, it states:

In the deserted park, silent and vast,
Erewhile two shadowy glimmering figures passed.
Their lips were colorless, and dead their eyes;
Their words were scarce more audible than sighs.
In the deserted park, silent and vast,
Two spectres conjured up the buried past.
“Our ancient ecstasy, do you recall?”
“Why, pray, should I remember it at all?”
“Does still your heart at mention of me glow?
Do still you see my soul in slumber?” “No!”
“Ah, blessed, blissful days when our lips met! You loved me so!”
“Quite likely,—I forget.” “How sweet was hope, the sky how blue and fair!”
“The sky grew black, the hope became despair.” Thus walked they ’mid the frozen weeds, these dead,
And Night alone o’erheard the things they said.

Translation: Gertrude Hal

The imagery created by this poem is startling in its beauty.  It's easy to see where Mr. Lagerfeld found his inpspiration, but to so seemlessly translate it into such a meaningful collection has me at a loss for words. This is the very reason we all need to explore outside the box and hold on tightly to whatever brings us beauty.  The collection is romantic in a tragic sort of way, and the stormy grays knits against the smoldering background created a scene no one could soon forget.  I love the way the feminine details add a spark to otherwise bulky and slightly boxy shapes the collection features -

What inspires you?



  1. This is beautiful -- and the photos go along perfectly! I love it.
    xo Josie