Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stud Muffin

My summer go-to wardrobe essential has always been, cut off jean shorts.  I have the most wonderfully worn in pair from Abercombie and Fitch - and don't you worry, this pair is 5 + years old, before they were disturbingly short.  They are ripped up, light denim, that look good with pretty much anything.  In an effort to switch it up a bit, I've decided I need a pair of studded denim shorts.  I'm wanting the same worn in feel with a bit of an edge.  Are you a fan of this embellished look?


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lanvin Ballet Flats

For years I've pondered whether or not there is a ballet flat that is in fact comfortable.  I've bought several of the Tory Burch versions - thinking to myself that I just got a "bad" pair the first time, but eventually came to the realization that a pair of 4 inch stilettos might be more comfy.    Somewhere in my blog reading or beauty site browsing I began to hear that Lanvin's ballet flats were the way to go.   Yes, I thought to myself, I'm sure they're real lovely, but with a price tag that rival's Louboutin's, I never imagined owning a pair.  Well thanks to Rue La La, another fashion dream has become a reality. I nearly died when I found the suede and snake-skin version of the Lanvin flat at a price I could afford (I had been coveting these for a while, having pinned them months ago.)    They have withstood all the hype - they are comfortable - very structured, so  your foot has some support and are *so* pretty.  Definitely recommend to all my ladies out there who thought the comfy ballet flat was a myth.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Went to the Beach to be Beautiful

Summer is officially here!  For us, the next several weeks are going to be spent at lake houses, enjoying the sun, water, and warm weather.  Being that nothing of huge importance is on the agenda, I'm wanting to buy lots of flowy tops and pretty little cover ups.  And so the hunt is on - my Macbook seems to always have no less then three windows open to online  boutiques, and a brand I've fallen in love with (first spotted on Intermix) is Miguelina.  Their clothes are the perfect balance of tropical boho and prep - perfectly appropriate for a day at the country club, but also sexy enough to not be boring.  I adore all the lace, and pops of neon in these photos.  Now the biggest challenge - picking a piece to buy!  

All images via Miguelina.  

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


There are few things more inspiring in life than beautiful photographs.    To be able to so perfectly capture moments in time is a true gift and one that I am incredibly envious of.  A few weeks ago I posted some shots from one of my favorite photogs, Slim Aarons.   Another photographer that I'm equally captivated by is Mr. Jerry Schatzberg.  His photos are the kind we all wish we could take - they are unique, candid, and gloriously elegant.  Below are a few of my favorite shots.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Things I'm loving lots about summer so far.

- Drinking on patios
- Long, lazy boat rides
- Fresh veggies and herbs from the garden
- Seeing old friends
- Comfy sundresses
-  Limeade
- Long dinners that include wine & good conversation
-  Naps in the sun


Monday, June 11, 2012

A Little Experimentation

In my mind, summer is the perfect excuse to experiment with makeup.  For some reason, ultra bright colors and funky trends just seem more appropriate when the weather gets hot.  Above are three not so standard beauty tricks I will be giving a whirl.

  • Light Blue Nails -  Light blue has always been one of my favorite colors but I never thought to use it on my nails.  When I spotted Revlon's Blue Lagoon polish at my local pharmacy, I knew it would be new favorite.  And I was right.  The color is fresh and fun and looks so pretty with a tan and chunky gold jewelry.  
  • Hottest Pink Lipstick -  Last summer my favorite way to dress up for a night on the town was with bright orange lipstick, a little mascara, and some bronzer.  This summer I'm repeating, but this time with hot pink lip stick.  The more neon, the better.  It's such a youthful trend, and Nars' Carthage Hot Pink is just the color I'm looking for.  
  • Violet Lashes -   I was very hesitant about the colored lashes trend at first.  It seemed so 80's and dated.  But when Stella McCartney's models at her F/W 2012 show were sporting the trend I had to reconsider.  When paired with sleek hair and other makeup is barely there, this is a look that is just gorgeous.  I want to get my hands on the Emilio Pucci for Guerlain mascara.  

For more makeup tips, head on over to The Beauty File to see my guest post on Summer Eye Makeup!


Friday, June 8, 2012

...I See a Little Silhouette...

I stumbled upon these dreamy little prints on none other than Pinterest (that site has introduced me to so many amazing things, I can't give it enough credit.)  I loved the mix of whimsy and goth - something classic mixed with something a little bit darker.  I could see several of these prints lining a hallway.  Or perhaps adding a little  dazzle to a dressing room.  They're adorable, and something about them is just so chic.  They are by Charmaine Olivia, a model turned artist that I can't help but want to be a little bit like.  She oozes creativity and her carefree style is one I highly admire.    She's also a *self-taught* artist, which, completely blows my mind.

All images via Olivia Charmaine


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Being a Nasty Gal

In all honesty my style falls somewhere between classically preppy and boho.  But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy experimenting on the edgier side of style.   When I do go for a look that's a bit out of my comfort zone, it takes some planning and a little effort - it's important to make the look your own without looking like you just copied a mannequin (this is the quickest way to look like a poser).   My absolute favorite online boutique, that always has fresh and funky looks is Nasty Gal.   Their clothes are unique, and everything I have ever bought from them has garnered a plethora of compliments.  I just ordered that amazing cutout shirt pictured above (far right) and I think it will be the perfect accompaniment to ripped jean shorts and chunky wooden wedges.  I've also fallen hard for that little bucket purse pictured below.   Such a fun, simple summer bag, with enough color and hardware to look fresh and interesting.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Key Fobs

It's the little details that set true fashionistas apart from the regular girls.  One of my favorite ways to add some glamour to your everyday routine is with some pretty little key fobs.  When I got my little Jetta back in high school (who has fondly been dubbed "Noirtier") my parents got me the prettiest little Tiffany's key chain.    I haven't thought much of keychains since, but when Emily shared her absurdly cool keychain in this post I've decided it's time to invest in a new one for myself.  So far, those delicate little butterflies are on the top of my list.

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