Friday, September 30, 2011

Acorns & Randomness

Lately, walking out to my car has been a dangerous fete.  Plummeting acorns can really hurt when they land on your head.  Or your arms.  Or your shins. (I've experienced all.)  But I can't help but smile just a little bit as I run, head ducked to my car, because, well, autumn is here!  Here are some other tidbits currently making me happy.

Model Barbara Palvin in my absolute 2nd favorite these days.  She's the perfect mix of elegant and sexy. You might also recognize her from the Euphoria ads.

The pure joy that is brought by sleeping in a cold room, all bundled up in covers.

Pairing simple cardies, with blazers, boots, and a killer scarf, much like Kate Moss.

I found the perfect apple cider recipe (with rum!) to make in my new stock pot. Very . Excited.

Ali McGraw is my favorite fashion icon as of late.  Her edgy, unique style is refreshing.
Candlelight is the absolute best way to light a room.  I've thought this since I was little though.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Sixteen (+ 10)

This past weekend was my birthday, and I really couldn't have asked for a better time.  I was able to spend time with friends I rarely get to see and my family, and although I'm still recovering from the weekend, I'm still smiling from it too.  I also received some beautiful presents, stuff I just wouldn't buy for myself, which makes it that much more fun.

Birthday bracelets that add a festive touch - Blue gems - Love Heals, Red Heart - Vintage

A candle called"Silently Across the Snow".  I didn't know things could smell whimsical, but this does.  Heavenly. (Lollia)

A gorgeous embellished cameo compact.  So in love with this vintage piece! (my mom knows me too well!)

A phone cover that's as sturdy as it is cute!  (Jonathan Adler)

A delicate little nightie that's almost too pretty to wear. (Honey Dew)

So excited to make spiked cider and yummy soups in my new stockpot. (Paula Deen Cookware)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Romantic About Gypsies

In the September issue of Vogue Kate Moss divulged that she was inspired to marry beau Jamie Hince after watching the reality show "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding." 

She said, "I am so romantic about Gypsies. They’re not allowed to do anything until they get married. So they all get married really young, at sixteen. You can’t believe the dresses. They’re like blinging butterflies times 10; they can’t move down the aisle! It’s so genius. I was just watching Jamie, so cute, and I was like, these girls, they just spend their whole life waiting for that day—let’s do it!"

And although her big day was more Great Gatsby meets woodland fairy than wandering gypsy, her affinity for for boho chic style was evident from what she wore the eve of her wedding.  The flowy blue dress and tall suede boots were perfectly gypsy.  And when it comes down to it gypsies are amazing inspiration.  The colors, the layers, the jewels - this is where boho was born, and I'm obsessing.

So I'm back to the velvet underground.
Back to the floor that I love.
To a room with some lace & paper flowers.
Back to the gypsy that I was...


Monday, September 19, 2011

Raining on Sunday

This weekend was extra lazy.  Saturday was spent watching football and Sunday was spent watching more football (then the Emmys).   In all honesty, it was heavenly.  I wore sweats and FINALLY figured out how to edit pictures/make collages/take pictures on my Mac.  The BF and I also spent time decorating for Autumn.  We got out all of our "punkin stuff" and are officially ready for the upcoming season change. 


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rimmel + Kate's 10 Year Anniversary

I like to think that for the most part I don't let ads suck me in and I rarely buy makeup or clothes because a certain person is their spokesperson - but Kate Moss makes this lipstick look so good, I'm going to have to try it.  The line was created by Moss to celebrate her ten years as the face of Rimmel.  A few days ago was the launch party and Moss looked incredible in an all grey ensemble that made the bright red color she sported in the ads absolutely pop.   Will you be trying the new Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick?


Friday, September 16, 2011

...Only the Essentials...

I know the weather is perfect for curling up in blankies, but really, these clothes are too good to pass up ;)

Thus far I've been pretty good about holding off on buying fall clothes.  I'm the girl buying wool sweaters August 1st, cause, well, I can't wait any longer.  This year, however, I've made myself hold off, and I have officially reached my breaking point.  Below are some favorites that I'm absolutely drooling over.

Acne's wool skirts are perfection.  They're slightly flouncy and full, and pairing them with black tights would be perfection.  They come in short and maxi, and I'm saving for them.

This creamy dream of a cape from All Saints is just the type of sweater I'm on the hunt for this season.    The textured knit and the high collar are what have me hooked. 

Good scarves are obviously a must when the weather gets brisk.  This Ralph Lauren scarf is such a gorgeous plaid, I fell for it immediately.  

Slouchy boots have been on my wish list for a while.  These Fiorentini and Baker boots are exactly what I'm looking for.  I love the midi-heel, the color, the soft suede.  It's true love.

The biggest key to rocking a fall wardrobe is layers.  This Alexander Wang tank's asymetrical design would look killer under a fitted blazer or cropped sweater.  

Forget moody reds, and somber grays.  This fall, nails should be colorful!  I'm obsessed with Chanel's Blue Satin and think it's the perfect mix of bright and bold for fall 2011. 

This quilted DKNY shoulder bag is my favorite look this fall.  It's polished, pretty,  and can be dressed up or down.