Friday, September 30, 2011

Acorns & Randomness

Lately, walking out to my car has been a dangerous fete.  Plummeting acorns can really hurt when they land on your head.  Or your arms.  Or your shins. (I've experienced all.)  But I can't help but smile just a little bit as I run, head ducked to my car, because, well, autumn is here!  Here are some other tidbits currently making me happy.

Model Barbara Palvin in my absolute 2nd favorite these days.  She's the perfect mix of elegant and sexy. You might also recognize her from the Euphoria ads.

The pure joy that is brought by sleeping in a cold room, all bundled up in covers.

Pairing simple cardies, with blazers, boots, and a killer scarf, much like Kate Moss.

I found the perfect apple cider recipe (with rum!) to make in my new stock pot. Very . Excited.

Ali McGraw is my favorite fashion icon as of late.  Her edgy, unique style is refreshing.
Candlelight is the absolute best way to light a room.  I've thought this since I was little though.

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