Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Be-still my beating heart!  I haven't coveted a pair of sneakers this bad since I discovered LA Lights in hot pink at age 6.   These babies are hard to get a hold of, and can currently be seen on the feet of pretty much every celebrity out there.  Normally I find such publicity is deterrent, but I just can't help but love their funky look.   The best part?  They are 4 inch wedges!  Yes, four whole inches, perfect for wanna-be long-legs like myself.  


Monday, July 30, 2012


The little slogan of Hush n Wonder was (and I guess still is) "Fashion, Food, and All Things Fabulous."

The "food" side of this blog is lacking.  And it makes me sad.

I'm a foodie.  Nothing makes me more excited than good meals.  I don't cook nearly as much as I'd like to, which is something I'm going to change.   It's Sunday and I've spent my morning with an ice cold bottle of Diet Coke (does wonders for this little headache - too many saki bombs last night) and reading food blogs.

Good food blogs are so very fun to read.  They are my favorite form of cooking inspiration, because for the most part, the authors aren't professional chefs, they're simply food lovers who are learning as they go.  Below are my favorite food blogs - if you're needing some motivation to get in the kitchen, I highly suggest the reads below...

A Little Safron Would Make This!  I discovered this blog a few weeks ago and have since read every post.  The blog's author Ileana is a beautiful writer, and her passion for food is infectious.  Reading it makes you want to get in your kitchen and start experimenting.

A Cozy Kitchen  This blog simply has theeee best recipes.   Every one of them makes my mouth water.  They are unique and the photos are pretty.

Joy the Baker  I love her.  I know, I know, everyone does.  She's pretty much famous now and has made such a lovely career of her blog.    It's really inspirational.   Also, watch the video of her in her "about me" section.  It's so sweet.

The Wednesday Chef   Reading Luisa's long, drawn out tales of her adventures in the kitchen are so funny and clever.  She loves good food, and I'm anxious to get my hands on her book, "My Berlin Kitchen".

Are there any other must-read food blogs I'm missing out on?  


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Retro in Miami

I'm completely in love with this editorial for Vogue Brasil.  Andreea Diaconu's awe inspiring wardrobe is flawless. I'm especially in love with the second photo - I never thought I'd lust over crop top, but here I am, doing just that.


Friday, July 27, 2012


Happy Friday, my readers!   It's extra sunny and *cool* today - (high of 86 has never sounded so brisk!)   If I could, I would spend my workday right in the picture above.  How idyllic.    One of my favorite things to think about is the workspace I'll have at some point (when writing is my full-time job... Ahh, dreams).  And this, this would be on the top of the list.  Right along with Diane Keaton's seaside home in "Something's Gotta Give".  Yes, I've thought about this for a while.  Here's hoping your weekend takes place in just as pretty of settings!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bardot Knows Summer

There are few women who inspire me as much as Miss Brigitte Bardot.  Her tumbling blond hair, innocent demeanour, and style that's a mix of classically elegant and unapologetically sexy leave little question as to why she's been a fashion icon for years.     And let's be honest, there is no one who can rock a bikini quite like she could.  Below are some pictures I found that I couldn't help but share.  Now if only I were out boating instead of being stuck in an office...


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'd Give It A Good Home

Despite my fashion obsessions, I've never really lusted over a bag.  The ones I've admired have always been far too expensive, an unobtainable fantasy, so I had kept them at arms length (if I don't fall in love, I can't get hurt, right?)    Well, that has all changed.  Céline handbags have slowly made their way into my heart, and I'm fairly certain I need one.  They are so pretty - in a classic sort of way, that I know they will never go out of style.  They are much more than a bag of the moment, and I see their structured design having some serious staying power (a bag my granddaughters will be fighting over, perhaps?)    And now I'm curious, what's your dream bag?


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Storm Cloud Grey

Perhaps it's the suffocating heat.  Strike that.  I know it's the suffocating heat that has me craving cool rain storms, bowls of soup and anything with sleeves.  I get sick of summer.  It usually happens around mid July, but this year, it's more than just being ready for fall.  It's being down-right annoyed with this weather.   I keep telling myself I'm being silly - I'm headed to the lake this weekend and I want it to be hot, right?  Not this hot.  Not so hot that I can't enjoy my new light weight sweatshirt for night time boat rides.  Not so hot that nothing sounds good to eat (except for maybe watermelon).  Not so hot that I feel like I need a nap after I've watered my garden.

Okay, enough with the complaining.  If I can't be cool, I might as well look cool (pun intended).  Chanel models sporting these storm cloud grey eyes look so fresh and icy, it's a smokey eye perfect for summer.  Finish it off with a smattering of babydoll pink blush and some nude gloss, and you are left with a look that is light and sexy.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday

This little kitty feels exactly how I felt this morning.  Just not wanting to get out of bed and wishing for one more day of weekend.  In all honesty, I don't know why we can't just add one more day of weekend - wouldn't we be a much happier planet?  I like to think so.  Happy Monday, lovies!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Adult Blankies

I'm a sucker for things that are multi-functional.   Really using an item, getting to know it, and creating memories with it, is something that we all do and why we have our favorite things.  Enter the fouta - the latest item on my want-list.  Foutas are basically blankets for adults.  They are gorgeous little linens that can be used as throws, towels, and even table cloths.  They get softer the more you wash them and are the sort of thing a person could really get to know.  I only recently discovered them and am about ready to order one in a pretty light blue and white.  Anyone else out there a fouta fan?


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Rather unintentionally, my friend Richard inspired this post.  He mentioned how a high school friend always tucked in his shirt  in a certain way, and it got me to thinking - the way clothes are tucked and draped can completely transform a look.  Below are some of my favorite styles.

I love this look.  By tucking in just the front part of her white T, Lauren Conrad is showing off her waist and her cute belt.  Her outfit wouldn't have the edge it does if she didn't drape her shirt this way. 

Tucking in a button down is the most simple way to look polished and chic.  Although this seems like such a simple look, it's one I tend to forget about, but love every time I do it.   

For a beach ready, flowy summer look, tuck blouses loosely into pants and shorts.  It's fresh and simple, and the slight volume created looks airy and cool.  

Miranda Kerr looks so chic by tucking her Parisian inspired tee into skinny jeans.  It makes for a sleek, straight look, that is ultra sophisticated.

Another favorite way to wear a button down is to tuck only half of the shirt in.   It's effortless and adds an asymmetrical appeal that everyone should experiment with.   


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th of July, my dears!  I've had a wonderfully long weekend at the lake that involved lots of time with family and friends, boating, and barbecues.  Here's hoping your weekend was fantastic and you're able to watch some fireworks tonight! x