Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can I Be You?

This time of year, my head is off somewhere else, and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm daydreaming a good 80% of the time.  Mostly about being in warmer climates and wearing amazing clothes (surprise, surprise, right?)  Below are photos that I wish I could just magically transport myself  to, for just a day.  Editorial photos tell stories and it's so fun to think about what these ladies are doing.  As silly as this sounds, it's quite fun to do.  If you're bored and love fashion as much as I do, try it.

She is obviously about to go into Chanel and shop.  Then go to some amazing party, because why else would she have on such a breathtaking dress?  And she's in LA. I freaking want to be in LA.

Flowy, flowy white!  How fun would that dress be to wear?  With that hat?  So innocent, so easy it's the perfect spring look.

My most devoted readers will know that this is my second time using this image - but it's so breaktaking, how could I not?  I think it's pretty obvious why I'd want to be her.

Looking that glam wading in the water is a gift.  She has it, I want it.

Natalia, I'd be you any day.  But when you're wearing such pretty prints and are surrounded by flowers?  Well, it's a lot like a dream.

I just want eye makeup that cool.  And shoes that funky.  And a dress that sexy.  And a ponytail that flouncy.



  1. gorgeous pics!!! love these outfits!


  2. I would do ANYTHING to be transported into one of these, UGHhhh love! I'm feeling the same way right now. This whole "spring" thing isn't doing anything for me. It is just as cold but with a pinch more of sun. Not feeling it, such a tease! Loving your new header, too!


  3. oh my! thanks so much for sharing that 3rd photo again, it most definitely is so breathtaking. you've made my blog viewing day =). absolutely dreamy!