Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Make Mine Missoni

I found I could say things  with color and shapes that I couldn't say in any other way - things I had no words for... Georgia O'Keefe

Before I really understood fashion, I understood Missoni.   I vividly remember stupidly paging through Vogue at age 10, not reading, not picking up on trends, but browsing the pictures.  The brand that always stood out was Missoni.  The brilliant colors, amazing knits, and geometric elegance of the pieces had me hooked even at such a young age.  As I grew older, my love for the brand never waivered.  I saw how celebrities wore the bright colors in such a carefree yet sophistaced way and fell deeper in love.  Those prints. Ah, those prints had me daydreaming.  I would wear that wrap sweater on a private jet, bound for Cannes.   That jumpsuit would be perfect for a day of shopping in Malibu.  And that crochet knit sweater is begging to be worn on moonlit walks through the park.  Just looking at the clothes was like a vacation for me - a getaway to the bright and colorful and elegant.   I bought my first M Missoni sweater last summer.  When I wear it, I feel like I'm wearing a little bit of fashion history.  I love to read about the Missoni family, and all that they stand for and how they came to be. Margherita Missoni is someone I've always looked at with starry-eyed wonderment.  Below are some photos displaying her amazing style-

And finally, the pieces that have me mesmerized this season...

1. Missoni Eau de Toilette $85
2. Missoni Crochet Knit Cardigan $1,065
3. Missoni Printed Knitted Shorts $835
4. Missoni Crochet Knit Espadrille Sandals $350
5. Missoni Rope Knit Necklace $280
6. Missoni Crochet Knit Headband $85
7. Missoni Cross-Back Top $765
8. Missoni Printed Tulle Crochet Tunic Dress $1,570
9. Missoni Mare Banares Crochet Bikini $475



  1. Love this post! The knit necklace is gorg. I just did a post today on colorful, spring wear!