Monday, March 14, 2011

Let Me See Your Bra

Inspiration, it's something I talk about all the time, but how can I not when I'm writing about fashion?  The two go hand-in-hand.  I get my fashion inspiration many different places - movies, magazines, blogs, friends' facebook pictures, walking down the street, and of course, Sex and the City.    What girl doesn't?  Thanks to E! re-running all of my favorite episodes, I'm reminded of how Carrie became such a fashion icon the world over and how re-exploring her style is like visiting an old friend. How amazing to look back on all of the outfits I loved.  One of signature looks, is her ability to wear no more than a bra and look completely chic.  It's not overtly sexy, it's cool.   Now, are you thinking, "Really Brittney?  How four years ago...."  Umm no.  I still looove it.  Watch Season 5, you'll see it repeated again and again and it's always perfection.  I like the look specifically with a simple sheer white blouse and a black bra.

That being said, what I really want is an amazing Equipment shirt. They're the prefect amount of sheer, and I would love to see how Carrie Bradshaw would style this amazing staple piece.  The shirts come in an array of colors and made of classic washed silk.  They were created by former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld's husband, Christian Restoin.   The shirts were big back in the 80's, and Restoin recently decided to bring them back in 2009. Click here to read more about them! Are you totally lusting? Cause I am.  But if not, how would you show off your bra?



  1. I love love your blog! Even though the show is over the Carrie inspiration is very much alive! Very few people can pull off the exposed bra without looking trashy! I like the subtle suggestions you have for this look. Be sure to post if and when you ever rock it!

  2. Such a fantastic look! I've tried this with a bandeau but haven't had the guts to try it with an actual bra....this has very much inspired me to though :)

  3. Great inspiration. I'm a big S&C fan...and Carrie fan, although I'd like to consider myself a Carrie/Charlotte hybrid. :)