Friday, February 3, 2012

She Gets Carrie Fever....

Like most twenty-somethings obsessed with fashion, I grew up watching Sex and the City.   It was one of those shows I discovered right when I got to college, and it only took half of an episode to get me completely hooked.   It was such an amazing concept for me - four friends, living in the big city, wearing amazing clothes, and doing pretty much whatever they wanted.  I've posted in the past about how the show has influenced my fashion, and watching re-runs is still one of my favorite places to go when needing a little couture inspiration.  That all being said, I had to share this amazing article I found on   I was a little taken aback when I read that these were styles, "Carrie made famous decades ago."... Decades!?  Really?  But in all honesty, the last season of the show was in 2004 and I was still in high-school. Wowza, where does the time go?  But even more astonishing than time's ability to slip away might be Carrie's fashion's staying power.  As the article highlights these are trends that are timeless, and Carrie's keen sense of fashion will probably even be inspirational to our own daughters.  What's your favorite Sex and the City fashion trend and do you still rock it?

I personally think Carrie's style is best in the final season when she takes on her "Russian lova".   Her style is a little more mature and refined. There are lots of girly dresses, tailored jackets, and pretty detailing that is difficult not to drool over.  Also, how funny is that Ms. Bradshaw made the whole ombre hair style popular way back when?  I giggle at how long we all took to catch on!


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