Friday, February 24, 2012

..Oh, Parties!

I'm not sure why but I completely fell in love with this complaint letter written to Andy Warhol.  Perhaps because it's a day dreaming catalyst - to envision those parties and all they entailed is enough to occupy my mind for hours.  Who was there?  What exactly did they leave behind?  Who on earth would complain about an Andy Warhol party (I'm envisioning a stuffy, older lady living next door).   It then got me to thinking of my own parties and similar letters that have been written to myself and my roomies.  We may not have been famous, and we were probably drinking keg beer as opposed to Dom, but the parties of my younger days were celeb-worthy in their own right.   I get extremely nostalgic when I think about the wild nights I once had.  They generally started with a big group of girls getting ready together.  Hair products, makeup, and a getting ready cocktail (whether it was beer or champagne simply depended on the night.)  Followed by pregaming in someone's basement, then a night out full of dancing, then back to someone's apartment for afterhours.  These are the nights that filled my early twenties, and thinking back on them brings an instant smile to my face.   Here's hoping your weekend is filled with a party or two.



  1. I love the diversity of your blog-- you are so creative with your inspiration!

  2. aww thank you so much! hope all is well, sarah!! x