Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have A Whimsical Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day to all my wonderful readers!  Here's hoping your day is filled with all the stuff that makes Valentine's day so sweet. This has always been a holiday I've enjoyed, whether I've been single or not and I think it's because something about love is very magical.  When I stumbled upon these illustrations by Jessie Marion King, I found that they embodied a sort of romantic charm that fit perfectly with Valentine's Day.  The Scottish artist's work was published mainly in children's books and although there is something inherently innocent about these paintings, they are complex enough that I don't necessarily find them childish.  The soft colors and woodland scenes are absolutely dreamy, and as crazy as this sounds, I'm completely obsessed with the attire of the women.  The flowy dresses, sparkly veils, and flowered crowns are worthy of any fairy tale.


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  1. My V'day was, thanks to amazing friends and a lovely BF byfar the best day this week... or acutally i dont know that yeet, but i dont think the weekend will top it :)

    loving the illustrations!!

    love K