Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Little Things

...to make the work week a little bit brighter...

My First Pinterest Recipe!
I drool over Pinterest recipes all day long and I've finally made one!  It turned out absolutely incredible -  click here for the recipe and here for my Pinterest page.  This recipe was spicy broccolini, quinoa, goat cheese, & cherry tomatoes.  Absolutely scrumptious and completely healthy.  

A Drug Store Gem
Maybelline Baby Lips is my new obsession.   It leaves lips super soft (as the name suggests) and adds the perfect amount of color.  I bought the Pink Punch and it's the prettiest, lightest, springy-est pink and looks good now but will look great with a tan.  

A Tropical Trip Booked?
My dear girlfriends and I have been trying to plan a "spring break" trip for months now.  Here is hoping (ladies, you better be reading this) that the trip is booked by the END OF THE WEEK.   If not I will scream and go crazy.  So we have to get this done for my own well-being ;)

The Absolute Best Bubble Bath on the Planet
Lately my workouts have been *rough*.  Between preparing for an 8k in March and  some pretty intense weight training my whole body has just hurt.  Bubble baths are a God send.  My fiance bought me some new Lollia bubbling bath in Cabbage Rose & Citrus and it's a little bit of heaven.  


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  1. I'm obsessed with Baby Lips. good call!