Monday, May 2, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

It's officially time to garden!  Gardens have been an obssession of mine since I was very little (and when I say little, I mean, like two.)  It all started with a book called Two Little Gardeners (pictured below) and for some reason I just became obsessed with growing vegetables.  But growing up, my summers were spent in the stables, and I just didn't have the time a garden takes. But alas, I finally have a place (and the time) to start my one of my very own.  We've already started some peppers indoors, and within the next couple weeks I hope to get the actual beds planted.  I'm also very anxious to get flowers.  I'm thinking of doing all whites (lots of different kinds of flowers, but all the same hue - sophisticated or boring?)  If you're interested in gardening and are a beginner like me, there is some great information here


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