Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chanel + French Riviera = Heaven

This must be what heaven is like. At least in my heaven I would attend a Chanel show (one of my favorite designers) that features resort wear (my favorite type of collection) in the French Riviera (my dream vacation destination).   Heaven right?  Many of my favorite fashionistas got to experience this Heaven on Earth and I am currently consumed with imagining what attending such an event would be like, and maybe just a bit jealous I wasn't there myself (someday right?) 

The even took place at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes and the collection was as regal as the location the show took place.  New Chanel rep Caroline Sieber said the collection had a "billion-dollar babe" feel.  I'm sure that "feeling" was palpable considering the show was at one of the most expensive hotels in the world, featuring the best models in the industry, and very real jewels (diamonds and freshwater pearls) were used on the actual outfits.  Oppulence to the extreme. Although some felt the collection lacked focus, I was captivated by everything from the laid back floral print maxi dresses to the perfectly tailored suits.  It featured a ton of looks, and I'd wear *all* of them on vacation.

Who Was There...
Laura Bailey, Alexa Chung, and Poppy Delavingne

Clemence Posey and Blake Lively

Rachel Bilson
Vanessa Paradis

From the Runway...


  1. ahhh Blake Lively, I want to be you!

  2. i just love that nude flowing gown