Friday, May 20, 2011

Cooler Than Me

As far as I'm concerned, Lindsey Thornburg's clothes are the stuff dreams are made of.  When I wrote about her last year, I was just discovering her amazing fashions, and as time has passed I've only grown to love her designs all the more.  Her pieces embody this sort of effortless "cool" that I think all girls long to immitate.   It's all about being different, and unique.  Her cloaks and dresses flow so effortlessly from hippie chic to a modern princess, it's no wonder they appeal to such a large audience.  As usual, her cloaks are my absolute favorite and I can't even tell you how in love I am with her summer line.  They are movie star worty, and I can't help but imagine wrapping up in one on a chilly night time boat ride or for a brisk morning walk. 

And as enchanting as the cloaks, are the dresses and jumpsuits.  I feel like they're something I would have worn as a child while playing in the woods and picking wild flowers.  But they're sexy.  How are they so sweet yet so sexy?   I can't help but dream when I'm browsing through Thronburg's collections, but something tells me, she wants it that way.

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