Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She got a Passion for Fashion

The other day I was asked a question that threw me for a bit of a loop - "What's with you and fashion?"  The person asking (obvi straight, male) didn't understand how I could be so interested - interested enough that I took time to write mini -papers (aka blog articles) on the subject without so much as any monetary compensation.  I was dumbfounded.  How can he not get it?   Since that question I've mulled over the things that I love most about clothes, shopping and the industry as a whole.  The more I think about it the deeper I fall in love.  It's a million little things - little things that spark something inside me - and the only way I know how to show my appreciation is by writing this blog.  Below,  I've tried to put into words why myself, and millions of others, are so keen on fashion.

  • It's that feeling when you walk out of your favorite department store, with a new parcel tucked under your arm, knowing you bought something you truly love. Love so much, you hope to give it to your future daughter someday.
  • It's trying on a dress the looks like nothing on a hanger, and being mesmerized with the draping, the cinching, the texture, the fabric once it's on your body. 
  • It's curling up with the latest issue of Vogue and a glass of wine of getting lost in the parties, the trends, and the lifestyles of those who understand what it is I'm talking about ;)
  • It's visiting a flee market and digging around for hours until you find that item that speaks to you.  It might be an old necklace that's showing it's age - but beautifully so.  Who wore it?  Where has it been?  How old is it?  It's amazing to me that fashion can cross generation gaps the way it does.  
  • It's watching a runway show and being amazed at how it can completely encapsulate a feeling or mood using colors, fabrics, different shapes.  It truly is art.  
  • It's the way your favorite pair of shoes never get put away in your closet, because they're just too pretty to not look at on a daily basis.  
  • It's going out for a night on the town and feeling good (I mean, really good) because that new dress you bought is hugging you in all the right places.  
  • It's the way that your clothes can communicate who you are to someone you have yet to meet.  
  • It's looking back at photos of Brigitte Bardot and Jean Shrimpton and seeing the way their style is replicated today.  
  • It's that moment, when you're in Saks, and your eyes fall on the perfect Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, or an immaculate, white Chloe blouse and it's true love.  In the pit of your stomach, you can feel it.  And that, I can't really explain.  

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