Thursday, May 3, 2012


Summer is rapidly approaching.  My first lake trip is about two weeks away (!), which means I'm all about stocking up on summer wardrobe essentials.  One thing I'm dying to find is a fluttery little bikini like the ones posted below.  I think they're so pretty and add a little extra volume where girls like me (ahem, flat-chested girls that is) need it most.  They're also a nice alternative to the oh-so popular fringed bikini tops we are seeing all over the place.   


Image 1, Image 2


  1. What brand is the first image of the blue flutter bikini top? Its so cute!

  2. Yes I was wondering the same thing. I love the blue bikini. Where can I find it?

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  4. Hi, I came across your blog post while searching for these "flutter" style bikini tops, and I'm pretty sure the second bikini (in pink) is by Tavik (sold through Free People). It looks like the hot pink is sold out in the tops, but here's a link: