Monday, March 5, 2012

Happiness is a Pair of Silk Shorts

I love nothing more than shopping for vacation-wear.  It's my own little time to play out my traveling fantasies and there's something, oh, let's call is "zen-like" about envisioning what exactly it is I'm going to wear out on the beach.  Or exploring a quaint little downtown.  Or perhaps noshing on lobster and sipping fruity frozen drinks.  You get my point.  This past weekend I was able to visit one of my very favorite boutiques Standard Style in Kansas City.  Their selection is absolutely jaw-dropping and the one thing I kept picking up were silk shorts!  My favorite by far were the floral printed Karina Grimaldi beauties you see below.  I love them for so many reasons - although they feel as comfy as my favorite pajama bottoms, they are structured enough where they don't look like it.   I also loved the print - those big, pink flowers, didn't feel too "tropical" - like so many florals can - and were just down right pretty.   I did not purchase these babies (I have enforced very strict rules for buying resort-wear, the first being that I don't allow myself to purchase anything until 30 days before my trip - unless the item is on sale.  Or it's showing there's only one left at Shopbop.)   But I will be for sure tracking down a pair in approximately ten days ;)


Other silky shorts I'd wear in a heart-beat...

Starting at Top Left-

Anna Sui - Floral Print Silk Crepe and Lace Shorts
Mulberry - Eyelet Silk Shorts
Stella McCartney - Deckchair Striped Cotton and Silk Shorts
Elizabeth and James - Colby Silk Trimmed Brush Twill Shorts
Marni - Contrast Silk Print Shorts
Jil Sander - Ello Striped Silk Shorts


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  1. LOVE these shorts! So awesome : )