Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Art of Packing

It is officially vacation time in the midwest.  Schools are having spring breaks and us working-folk who can no longer stand the leaf-less trees and brown grass are setting off to tropical locals.   My little seestore (that's my version of sister) jet off to Cabo last Saturday and managed a feat I've only dreamed of - packing *just* a carry-on.  For a week long vacation!  I was impressed.  It got me to thinking about my own upcoming trip - could I possibly pack just a tiny little carry-on?

I'm not so sure, but I've had a bit of an infatuation with suitcases for a while.  I love traveling, and the idea that your most important belongings are all packed away, organized neatly in a little satchel is actually a fun process for me.  And that being said, I've never been one of those people who could pack the night before.  No way.  It's a pretty drawn out process and below are some of my own tips for packing the perfect suitcase.

  • Make Lists - I break it down by what outfits I'll wear on what days.  This gives me an idea of how much I actually need to bring and is a good way to avoid over-packing.  
  • Choose Versatile Pieces - A good pair of jeans/shorts, a simple cardigan, and great sandals are all pieces I know I'll wear more than once on a trip.
  • Travel Size Beauty Products - I always get shampoo & conditioner, face wash, tooth paste, and body lotion in travel sized forms.  That way I can just toss them when I'm ready to head home.  Same goes for disposable razors and toothbrushes.
  • Cheap & Chic Jewelry - I have a little pouch I keep full of "basic baubles".  There's  a big gold cuff, some sparkly hoops, simple faux diamond studs, and a long, layer-able necklace that I always bring w/ me when I travel.  I keep my good (aka valuable) stuff at home where it's safe & sound.
  • Two Pairs of Shoes Limit -  This is my toughest rule to follow.  I only allow myself to pack two pairs of shoes (in addition to the pair I'm wearing.  But it's such a space saver.  Shoes take up lots of space and often times you're going to be wearing one pair the most. 
  • Make Use of Your Purse -  I always travel with a huge purse. You need space for passports, reading material, wallets, and other essentials - and it's nice to be able to grab that item you "almost forgot" and simply stuff it in your bag as opposed to re-arranging your suitcase. 
  • Re-Pack Beauty Products - If you're anything like me, your makeup bag is full of products, but you only use a third of them on a regular day.  When I travel, I like to take just the basics and put them in a smaller cosmetic case. 


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