Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dapper & Dashing

Gentlemen, us ladies love your style.  We find you adorable in sweatpants, handsome in bow ties, and rugged in cowboy boots.  We don't want you to change, but you shouldn't be afraid to step out of the box either.  Below are trends every man should try.

Wayfarers have had staying power for a reason.  Completely classic as JFK demonstrates.

Facial hair makes us think you're rugged and hot.  Paul Newman has it nailed. 

We love you in baseball caps.  Backward, forwards, especially with a tie and button down.  

This whole outfit is cool - no socks, white pants, classic polo, sunglasses, and watch.  All boys should duplicate what Steve McQueen is rocking right here. 

Boys, we don't like baggy.  At all.  Never underestimate the sexiness of a fitted shirt.  Or pants for that matter.

Experiment but never forget the classics.  A sweater over a collared shirt will get us every time. James Dean was king of making simple staple pieces look stylish. 

As Chevy is showing, scarves are not just for ladies.  Oh, and make us laugh.  We love that.  

Sweaters that you may think are appropriate for Mr Rogers, we'll probably find extra sexy.  Just an FYI.  

Boys, you can do the retro look too - this button down screams  60's, but it could not be sexier (then or now).



  1. You are so amazing at this. I may hire you as my personal fashion consultant at the appropriate time. YES, i wish i knew you in person ; )

  2. well goodness! i wish i knew you in person as well! completely floored by the kind words! thank you!