Friday, January 18, 2013


If Awapuhi were a place, it'd be similar to this...

Here's a lil' beauty tip for your Friday.   I use Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi shampoo as a body wash.  Awapuhi is a form of ginger that originated in India, but now is mainly grown in Hawaii.  And it truly is a heavenly thing.  Sure, it's a little pricier than your run of the mill body wash, but it's *so* worth it.  The smell reminds me of my childhood.  Specifically summertime baths post pool.  It's tropical in the most unusual way, and I really wish there was a perfume that could duplicate it's freshness.   It also is a wonderful shampoo, but the lather is so rich and fragrant I prefer it as a body wash.  I love finding out what it is us ladies do to stay beautiful - the secrets we've learned from our mothers and grandmothers - the stuff you don't read on on every other beauty blog.  So what are your beauty secrets?


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