Monday, January 14, 2013

A Natural Beauty

I'm infatuated with pretty skin.  The kind that's poreless, blemish free and completely even.  Several of my roommates in college had skin like that and I was unabashedly envious.  Last month I received an amazing facial from Kelly at Urban Effects Med Spa.  My skin was left looking so pretty, and I've been determined to keep it that way.  I am hydrating lots, using a toner and moisturizer designed to promote "radiant" skin and probably most importantly I've ditched the foundation in exchange for BB cream.  The light coverage gives the more natural look I have been wanting and leaves my pores clear.

BB cream (which stands for beauty balm) has been all the rage for the past year or so, and it was one of those beauty trends I felt I could never embrace. I'm the kind of girl that needs coverage.  I was completely blown away when I tried it and it really did leave my skin looking flawless but still natural. My beauty routine has officially changed and I don't think I'll ever be without a BB cream again.

Below are some tips for making BB cream work for you.

1) Use Backup -  If I'm going out for the night, I will still apply some of my old foundation around my eyes, just to have a bit more coverage.  If I have a blemish, I'll use some concealer as well.

2) Apply with a Brush -  The best thing about BB cream is how natural it makes skin appear.  Not much blending is required, but applying it with a foundation brush ensures a flawless look.

3) Know Your Shade - When BB creams first came out there were several brands that boasted the shades "adjust to your skin tone."   Countless beauty reviews state that these "one shade work for all" aren't that great - get as close to your shade as possible.

4) Still Moisturize! - Although BB creams are an excellent way to keep skin hydrated, still use a moisturizer beforehand.  The more hydrated you are, the easier the cream blends.

5) Need more coverage? - If you feel like your BB cream  just doesn't give enough coverage, try mixing it with your regular foundation.  Or perhaps apply a powder afterwards to give a more finished look.  Don't be afraid to experiment - this is versatile stuff!


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  1. I still need to get my facial - just need to find the time! Great tips - I must try BB creams - have heard great things!