Wednesday, August 10, 2011

...I Heart my iPhone...

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Anyone that knows me, knows my iPhone is pretty much apart of me.  It goes with me everywhere, and I dress it up in new covers as much as Paris Hilton dressed up Tinkerbell in doggy outfits.  I once had a crackberry, but I dumped that quicker than a bad boyfriend, and have been hooked on my iPhone ever since.  Below is a list of my favorite apps, that have helped to fuel my love affair with my phone. - This app is amazing.  It covers the latest runway shows, parties, and shows amazing style videos.  Also, I adore voting for the "Look of the Day."  

Epicurious - Nothing gets me more excited than finding a good recipe.  Epicurious takes the best of the best from magazines like Bon Apetit and organizes them in an easy to maneuver app.  If you cook at all, get it.

Tumblr - I recently discovered Tumblr, and the app for the iPhone makes it incredibly easy to use.  Upload posts quickly, see who is following you, and follow other accounts just like your on your computer.  Perfect for blogging on the go.

Instagram - Okay, it's *almost* overused.  Key word being almost, but you can't deny how easy it is to turn a blah pic into a vintage masterpiece.

Around Me -  This thing has pretty much saved my life on multiple occasions.  Find whatever you're looking for, and get easy to follow directions.  Probably my most used app.

Pandora - I can't believe how many people don't know what this is.  It's like a radio, but selects music that it knows you will like.  I use it more than my iTunes, and is my favorite way to discover new bands.

Sound Hound -  Not only can this music-identifying app pick up songs in loud bars, it will tell you the lyrics as the song plays.   How cool is that?

Rue La La -  Who knows where you'll be when 10:00 a.m. rolls around.  The Rue La La app makes it so you never miss a sale.  It's easy to use, quick, and most of my purchases from the site have been bought off the app (FYI Haute Look and Gilt Group have apps that are great as well.)

NPR News - I have several news source applications, but NPR is the easiest to use.  Sorts stories by popularity, topics, and newscasts.

iRelax -  Create a sound perfect for you to fall asleep to.  My favorite is thunder and ocean.  It's so relaxing and even has a timer.  Love it.

What are your favorite apps?


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  1. I could not live without my iPhone. I never knew about the Tumblr app- that is awesome! I'm on wordpress, but I wonder how Tumblr would work in the future. I also love the Shape Bride app,, Today's Shoe from Bergdorf's, and ShopStyle.