Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cuppa Tea, Please!

I've loved tea for as long as I can remember.   Tea parties in my bay window with my kitty Sunshine were a favorite activity when I was little, mom used to make me chamomile before bed, and during a summer in London, I found a good, strong black tea  can easily take the place of coffee (and does wonders for a hangover!)  I've just always loved it, from the unique tastes, to the rituals that go along with it, it's something that's apart of me.  The history of it, and how other cultures make and use tea is unbelievably fascinating as well.

I also enjoy buying all things tea, and have several different tea pots, steepers, and other contraptions used to make it.  But what I've added most recently to my "want" list are some antique tea cups and saucers.  All different, types and styles, I need to get to some thrift stores and do some digging.   I'm not a collector, but if I ever turned into one, it would be of tea.



  1. I love all things tea too! My (favorite) great aunt collected tea cups and I still just love the look and feel of a beautiful, delicate tea cup! I need to start hosting some seriously girlie tea parties! ;)

  2. AH that pic of the Harrods tea made me swoon and wish I was back in Europe- I brought my mom (another tea lover) back some tea in the most adorable tin shaped like a British phone booth:)
    I wrote a blog post recently about how much I love chamomile...the power of tea is just so soothing. Love your blog!