Monday, March 18, 2013

Beauty Crush Monday: Clarisonic Plus

I pondered the purchase of a Clarisonic Plus for months before I actually bought one.  Because let's face it - they're pricy lil' buggers.  I read countless reviews on Amazon, Sephora, and other beauty blogs until I became convinced that this really was "the miracle beauty tool" everyone claims it is.  
I've never been someone with terrible skin - but I wouldn't call my complexion enviable either.  I have an oily t-zone, the occasional acne, and clogged pores were a problem I just thought I'd have to live with.  I've always worn a foundation and powder and have desperately wanted to be that person that could go naked-faced and still feel confident.  
I've had my Clarisonic Plus for two months now and it really has lived up to all the hype.  After using  it my face glows.  I've found that products like moisturizers and serums absorb much better into my skin, and best of all is I've ditched my foundation for a tinted moisturizer I would have only dreamt of using in the past. Overall, my skin is just much more clear.  It's been a life saver this winter and shluffs away dry skin so my complexion is bright.  I am more impressed with it capabilities on my face than on how it exfoliates my body - but still it's very effective.  If you've been on the fence about buying one - I highly recommend you do - it really is one of those products that can completely change your beauty routine. 



  1. Does it dry you skin out? I've tried something similar before, and I ended up with the driest skin of my life!

    1. No, especially if you use the "sensitive" brush. Also, not sure what model you tried before but the Mia 2 and Plus have timers, so it tells you when to move it to a different part of your face so that you're not on an area too long. There are also different speeds, and I use the low setting. When I first started using it my skin went through an adjustment period - it did get a bit more dry and broke out, but after my skin acclimated, it's never been more clear. You can use mine next time you're home :)