Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Glass of White

Last night I had the opportunity to meet up with many of Des Moines' fashion bloggers thanks to a wonderful event hosted by Samantha and Katelyn.  The event was held at Aimee, a darling little boutique in the East Village, and it was so fun talking fashion and sipping champagne with some fellow fashion lovers.  I'll be posting more on this tomorrow!

But to tie you over, I had to share this amazing campaign featured in Centrefold magazine starring Kate Moss.  Something about her lounging around with a glass of white is really speaking to me - nights in have been few and far between and I'm dying for an evening with nothing to do.  Have the early nights and cooler weather sent you into nesting mode?

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.



  1. So happy you could make it!!! It's been TOO long! :) Can't wait to catch up over dinner soon!

    1. so wonderful to see you too!!!! dinner and drinks very soon - i've missed you! thanks again for everything - it was a fabulous evening!!