Thursday, February 25, 2016

3 Ways to Read More

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies.  In the past I would read in bursts – I’d devour a book in a few days, then go months before I took the time to find a new read.  Lately  I’ve been reading much more thanks to some helpful tools I’ve recently discovered.  For all you busy bees out there, here is how I’ve made reading a priority:

Goodreads:  This site, which is also a wonderful app, is the perfect way to keep all the books in your life straight.  Literature is divided into 3 different shelves - currently reading, want to read, and read.  It also syncs with your Facebook account so you can see what your friends are reading and allows you to suggest books to one another.  It also has a fairly big community of authors who will post blogs and review books as well.

GAL: GAL (an acronym for "Girls at Library") is a truly delightful online magazine.  Different women from across the country are interviewed about their favorite books and different reading habits.  On the site there is also a page called "The Sanity Shelf" and it's a list of books that interviewees have returned to time and time again.  The whole site is a wonderful way to get inspired to read.

 Bibliofeed:  Bibliofeed is an Instagram account that is as visually beautiful as it is informative.  Followers get a synopsis of books from specially selected curators.  It's a really simple way to find your next great read with literally zero effort.


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