Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Bit About Moi

Last week Victoria Rose from Chateau de Victoria tagged me in one of those fun posts where you pretty much just tell people about yourself, then ask some fun questions to your fellow blogging friends.  Well, since I'm a little late to the game, I figured I'd just share some fun facts about me.  This is something I've enjoyed doing for years - in grade school my friends and I would just make lists of what our "favorites" were.  When MySpace was big, I was always that girl filling out those silly surveys... So in all honesty this really excites me.  So without further ado, a bit about myself.

  • My favorite movie is The Graduate.  However, I find it very hard to pick just one.
  • Reading should always include a cup of coffee or tea and a warm blanket.
  • My favorite city ever is London - I lived there for a summer and fell in love.  I believe it's the only  big city I could live in and be truly happy. 
  • I get strangely emotional over good music, good art, and memories.
  • My earliest memory is from when I was 2 1/2.  My Grammy Berget was staying with me and I was eating mashed potatoes.
  • I am very proud of the fact that I'm almost 100% Norwegian (but I'm also Irish, English, and Swiss.)
  • I'm addicted to swimming and the ocean.  In a previous life I might have been a mermaid.  
  • Stores like Saks and Harrods make me so, so, so happy.  Euphoric even.   There is nothing like a good day of shopping.
  • To say I love animals would be a huge understatement.  If I could, I'd own a zoo (but then again maybe I wouldn't, because, well I don't think animals should be stuck in zoos.)  So I'd own a wildlife preserve!
  • I found my dream house and am *this* close to knocking the person's door and saying, "hey, if ya ever want to sell...."   It's brick and has the most amazing, knarly, tree in the front yard.
  • To be cozy is to be happy. 
  • Adventures, travel, and exploring are all things I want to always be apart of my life. 


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  1. the graduate soundtrack is one of my favorites; i love early dustin hoffman.