Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Take me to London for Mulberry, Please.

So my fairy godmother came to me last night and granted me three wishes. I politely asked....

Wish 1:  Take me to London.
Wish 2:  Get me into all the fashion shows.
Wish 3:  Give me everything in Mulberry's Fall/Winter line.

Shoot, that was just a dream.  But it's pretty easy to see why Mulberry's F/W 2011 collection could leave a girl mesmerized.   We'll start with the scarves.  The oversized checks in the coolest of colors (purples, golds, grays) and they're so big, they just look cozy.  The whole look of the collection is part glamour girl, part outdoorsy chic (note the fishing pants and shooting jackets), a combination that I'm not sure has every been pulled off quite so effortlessly.  Mulberry's creative director Emma Hill described the season's inspiration: "She's a gorgeous girl living in a dilapidated country estate, popping outside for a cigarette."

The fushia and teal that snuck it's way into the collection look fresh amidst the grays and camels.  It's pure magic the way that pleats, quilted patterns, and oversized gold buttons and detailings take this look beyond elegant without being overtly sexy.  And I haven't even mentioned the bags.  The gorgeous, to-die-for bags every model was lucky enough to carry as she took to the runway. 


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